this never happened before and it makes me feel so incomplete




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The sad thing is, Demi is being completely honest when she says this about her and Selena. 

Selena is living the way any 22 year old would live meaning she’s still going out and most likely drinking. She’s also still with Justin which Demi is probably sick of hearing about. Because every time something bad happens we always get some interaction between Demi and Selena.

This could be completely wrong but that’s how I see it.

I love both of them dearly and hope that someday they could be friends again but for now maybe they just need some space…

Very well said babe ;)

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Boy you gotta act like you got some sense cause you got a dime and it’s money well spent.

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@camilacabello97:i missed you guys tonight :(

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Fifth Harmony at the Mann Center - Philadelphia, PA (via fan @5HTourBus93)

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@dinahjane97: So glad she’s feelin better😸! Idk how i managed 2perform w/out u by my side bein annoying as usual💋 @camilacabello97

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@camEEla cabeYo: i missed you guys tonight :(

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c: [talking about oprah’s starbucks chai lattes] she makes them? i thought she just kind of…
n: no she’s with them, she partnered with them.
c: oh wow

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Camila and her adorable sister

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Shout out to other fandoms, when will your faves change an album cover just cause the fandom didn’t like it??

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